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Custom Upgrade and update of VMware Tools


I would like to update VMware Tools from version 3.5 Update 4 to 4.0 Update 1 without the SDK packages (GuestSDK, VAssertSDK, VICFSDK), Hgfs (Shared folders),WYSE and vmdesched, using the advanced options field in Automatic Tools Upgrade window. The OS guests are Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Sometime, the VMware Tools were uninstalled but not reinstalled. I must reinstalled them manually. Have you a working example, please?

In addition, I have upgraded VMware Tools with full options and now, I would like to remove the SDK packages, Hgfs,WYSE and vmdesched.

I found an example with PCOIP bug on Update 2 (KB 1022830). I tried to use similar solution but it does not work.

Have you a working example, please?

Some unsuccessfull options for my problems:

/s /v "/qn REINSTALLMODE=voums REINSTALL=WYSE,VMXNet,VMXNet3,VMCI,Mouse,MemCtl,ThinPrint,Sync,PVSCSI,Debug,BootCamp,Audio,Buslogic,ToolsCore,Upgrader,PerfMon,Common,microsoft_dlls_x86,ArchSpecific,SVGA"

/s /v "/qn ADDLOCAL=ToolsCore,MemCtl,Buslogic,SVGA,Mouse,VMXNet,VMXNet3,sync,VSS,VMCI"

/s /v "/qn ADDLOCAL=ToolsCore,MemCtl,Buslogic,SVGA,Mouse,VMXNet,VMXNet3,sync,VSS,VMCI"

/s /v "/qn REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=ToolsCore,MemCtl,Buslogic,SVGA,Mouse,VMXNet,VMXNet3,sync,VSS,VMCI"

/s /v "/qn ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=VAssertSDK,VICFSDK,vmdesched,GuestSDK,Hgfs,WYSE"


Thanks in advance.

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