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Clean installation ESXi 8.0, after first reboot root password not accepted.

Hello all,

Can't find anything on my problem so decided to post here.

I bought a new PC, and decided to make it my test/backup box for the companies ESXi machine. Fresh machine started installing ESXI 8.0 from an USB to an USB stick. Everything went well, except for my 12th gen I7 processor, used the "runweasel cdromBoot cpuUniformityHardCheckPanic=FALSE" option. Install makes a partition on my NVMe SSD hd for the OS. When install finishes I remove the installation media, and system reboots with the runweasel option. When the system is booted I can do everything I need to do. Eventually I made a second administrator user and did a esxcli command for the cpu Panic. Then I did a reboot, and my root password is no longer accepted nor my second administrator user. The cpu panic option did go thru either, need to do the runweasel at boot every time. I did many reinstalls makeing sure I don't do anything wrong, but end up at this problem everytime. Can anyone help me? Do I need to fill in a license/registration, the first time I can login? That just doesn't make sense to me.


Tried some other options like installing ESXI 7.0, but that installation is stuck in installing even after I remove installation media.

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Same Issue - tried 8 to see if the Intel VMD drivers would pick up my new mother board firmware which decided they would no longer have AHCI Raid support on the SATA drives forcing to use the VMD driver for the mirror.   Looks like I have to go back to the custom 7 build and live with non mirrored disk....

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