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Changing license from Embedded Essentials to Essentials

I inherited two VMWare 6.0 Embedded Essentials servers on Cisco UCS C-220 hardware.  Unfortunately, despite working with VMWare and Cisco on locating the licenses despite having keys in hand, we were unable to locate any info on them, and of course support has lapsed.  In the meantime, we went ahead and purchased an Essentials license that would allow us to manage these with vCenter and license both servers with the same key, having done this as I prefer to manage any VMWare environment via vCenter.  

What I need to know is this... in order to manage both servers via vCenter, I need to update the license on both from Embedded Essentials to the Essentials key so that we can work on upgrading them accordingly (another reason why we purchased the key is because our upgrade support lapsed as it was neglected by our previous sysadmin).  Is this possible with ease, and what are the caveats, including any possible downtime?  

I should add that these servers are not clustered, nor will they be clustered.  

Steven Heicher - Systems Administration Manager
YMCA of Middle Tennessee
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