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AutoDeploy boot file missing

I have setup an enviornment to support AutoDeploy vShpere installations as describe in the vShpere documentation (vshpere 5.5) , my host are receiving the reserved ip addresses from the DHCP however they are not reaching a gpex startup and i receive the following errors concern the TFTP server

PXE-T01: File not found.

PXE-E3B: TFTP Error - File Not found

PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.

I am able to browse and access the file https://autodeployhost:6501/vmw/rbd/tramp but unable to get to the hypervisor install.


set retry-delay 20

post /vmw/rbd/host-register?bootmac=${mac}

Using WinAgents TFTP installed on the same server as with windows DHCP.  the following errors are an example of what is returned in the winaAgents logs..


12/24/2013 7:20:44 AM,Audit,"TFTP-FW: GET request, cookie = 0x0124EDCC"

12/24/2013 7:20:44 AM,Audit,"TFTP-FW: Session allocated, cookie = 0x0124EDCC, GET, from, \\"undionly.kpxe.vmw-hardwired\\", \\"octet\\""

12/24/2013 7:20:44 AM,Error,"TFTP-FW: Error, cookie = 0x0124EDCC, hr = 0x80643101, File not found."

12/24/2013 7:20:44 AM,Error,"TFTP-FW: Session error, cookie = 0x0124EDCC, -2140917503, File not found."

12/24/2013 7:20:44 AM,Audit,"TFTP-FW: Session closed, cookie = 0x0124EDCC, status = 4, error = -2140917503"

Transfers logs

Start time Client Address File Mode Size Transferred Blocksize Timeout Status Description

12/26/2013 8:38:12 PM tramp octet ? 0 0 0 Requested file not found. Failed to download file from server. Requested file not found.

any help would be greatly appreciated..

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Welcome to the communities.

could you please share the log file and screenshot?

Take care!

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