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Auto-Discovery Scan is not working in vCenter Hyperic Version 5.8.2

Hi All,

We are vCenter Hyperic Version 5.8.2 for monitoring TC instance's. We have recently done upgrade for our tc server's from version 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 but Hyperic is not displaying the new version details for catalina.home and program , its still showing the old version setting.

Steps Taken till now.

on TC Server we are runing Hyperic Agent Version 5.8.2.

Removed Data and work folders. restarted Hyperic Agent

Restarted TC servers

Restarted Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agent by removing the Data folder and Work.

more over i dont see any errors in the logs.

But no luck. if any one know about this please let me know. my email : dileeptikkisetty@gmail.com.



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