Import host upgrade into Update Manager

Import host upgrade into Update Manager

This script imports a host upgrade iso or zip file into Update Manager 4.1 and creates host upgrade baseline that

includes it if a baseline name is specified.If you have vSphere Update Manager 5.0 and vSphere Update Manager PowerCLI 5.0 installed use ImportESXiImage50.ps1.

To use the script:

  1. Copy the file that contains the host upgrade to the machine, where the Update Manager is installed.
  2. Connect to the vSphere server that has this Update Manager server installed on it.
    • $vSphereServer = Connect-VIServer <ip_address_of_the_vSphere_Server>
  3. Execute the script
    • .\ImportUpgradeRelease41.ps1 $vSphereServer "C:\UpgradeReleases\myUpgradeRelease.iso" "MyHostUpgradeBaseline"

Note: The path to the file must be a local path for Update Manager Service. Providing a network share is not supported.


Again another useful script.

Any chance of getting these VUM Extension methods as cmdlets in the near future ?

Is there any (public) information available for the VUM API ?

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