Export compliance information to CSV files

Export compliance information to CSV files

The script exports compliance status details for inventory items, against attached baselines, to CSV files. To use the script, make sure that you have vSphere PowerCLI 4.1 and vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI 4.1 installed on your machine.

To use the script

  1. Retrieve the inventory items you are interested

  2. Supply the absolute path where the generated CSV files to be saved

Separate CSV files will be created for different types of attached baselines.

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Script worked great for me, but I had to refer to the usage instructions inside the script itself - the ones in original post were a little vague.

From script:

#    The following example exports the compliance status of all VM Hosts against attached baselines.
#    The format of  the output is csv. Depending of the type of the attached baselines a different type of csv files
#    will be created.
# Connect-VIServer <ip_address>
# $vmHosts = Get-VMHost
# ExportCompliance.ps1 $vmHosts "C:\MyReports\"

How does this script even works mate?

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