vmax SRDF/A with SRM failover luns in rdf group

We are using vmax/e with srdf/a. It seems from what I am told by emc , that all luns in an rdf group need to be failed over simultaneously.

That would mean if I run a few vm's on using SRM i would not be able to failover just a few, i would need to failover all vm's in an rdf group.

Unlike srdf sync which you can just failover the device group (however many devices you put into that dg)

has anybody gotten around this issue and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Thought Id post on this old(ish thread) as I am having the same issue myself in regards to device to Consistency Group (CG) relationships

Have raised a call with EMC to find out what the SRM+VMAX best practices are.

I am also having an ISSUE with the EMC VSI creating the CGs on our VMAXe (we are manually creating them at the moment).

At this stage we have a 1 device to 1 CG relationship (so that we can fail over each device individually)

We manually create the CGs, as the VSI doesn’t work (it creates device groups and not CGs)

Would be interested to hear from anybody else who is SRM+VMAX+ SDRF/A

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