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            Will it possible to migrate Vm from one data center to another data center .in esx 4.1

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The answer depends on how you want to migrate, with downtime or live.:smileyconfused: (I presume this is all in the same vCenter)

With Downtime the answer is yes.

- Basically you will need to shut down the VMs and copy/clone the VMFS files to a datastore in the other datacenter.

- Then you need to remove the VMs from inventory, and add them again from the new datastore location.

- with downtime you can even do this between vCenters

If you want to do this live the answers is maybe.Smiley Wink

- Storage vMotion requires the host to see both datastores (Source and destination)

- So you could present the other datacenters datastore to a particular host and do the sVMotion operations on that host.

Then you need to vMotion the VM from one host to another datacenter host, which is not possible.

You could disconnect the host from the one datacenter and connect it to the new datacenter. VMs will keep running, but you might need to do careful planning if there are vDistributed Switches in use.

- And for vMotion the source and destination hosts needs to see the same datastore, network port group, and same CPU vendor.

Another way is to setup replication from the one datacenter to the other one using something like Veeam replicator

Then simply fail over the VMs. (Also requires down time, but much smaller window)

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