hot-extend shared vVol disk in MSCS


We are evaluating the replacement of RDMs used as shared disks of MSCS deployments by vVol.

We are facing a blocking operational issue with this deployment as hot-extends of the shared vVol disks does not work. When trying to extend a vVol based clustered disk, extension fails:

Operation failed!

Task name

Reconfigure virtual machine




The disk extend operation failed: The virtual disk requires a feature not supported by this program

The only way to grow the disk is to power off both nodes of the cluster! Not really compatible with the type services that need failover cluster / MSCS deployments.

Searching for more info, we found that hot-extends of shared disks is officially not supported. Even if not supported, it perfectly works with RDMs. Is there a way to make that work with vVol even if not supported and without power off both nodes (one node to power off could be acceptable)?

Thanks in advance.

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