When will we get support for 4Kn / 4096 byte sector FC storage targets?

4K device targets have been shipping for years, and it's increasing impact to not have support.  There is still only support for locally attached 4Kn SAS/SATA spinning disks.  When will we get support for 4K / 4Kn targets over other interfaces?  eg FC, iSCSI, NVMeOF, iSER, etc?

ref: vSphere 7.0 Storage Guide still shows the same limitations that we had around ~6.4 IIRC...

When you use 4Kn devices, the following considerations apply:

  • ESXi supports only local 4Kn SAS and SATA HDDs
  • ESXi does not support 4Kn SSD and NVMe devices, or 4Kn devices as RDMs



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