Vsphere and Openfiler


I am trying to set up an Openfiler iSCSI SAN with my vSphere server. This is in my home training environment. I have used these two documents to do this:



I have done this previously using ESX 3.5 (albeit a couple of years ago now).

Everything seems to go fine using the Openfiler configuration settings above, however when I use the vSphere instructions I get to step #7 and then the train starts coming off the rails. After putting the server IP in the dynamic discovery tab no LUN or disk information populates even after countless rescans/refreshes.

I have tried logging into the vsphere host and done ping and vmkping and both returned successfully.

I have also used a Windows 7 client to connect and the connection happens immediately. After connecting I can do whatever I want with the disk, format it, etc. I then disconnect from the Windows 7 machine and try again on my vShphere host and it's just not having it.

Can anyone suggest anything I can try next?

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Glad your problem has been solved.

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