Vmware 6.0 Datastore compressed LUN

Hi. I have a "storage" based on HP G7 + DAS Supermicro. It runs OmniOS + nappit and shares a LUN via FC to VMware.

I got x2 compression ration on this volume.

root@kup-san-02:/root# zfs get compressratio DR_data/volume_0

NAME              PROPERTY       VALUE  SOURCE

DR_data/volume_0  compressratio  2.02x  -

root@kup-san-02:/root# zfs list DR_data/volume_0


DR_data/volume_0  30.1T  20.3T  10.4T  -

So it seems i have 20 TB free on this block device, but vmware can see only uncompressed space, and shows

[root@esx-01b:/vmfs/volumes] df -h

Filesystem   Size   Used Available Use% Mounted on

VMFS-5       3.6T 612.3G      3.0T  16% /vmfs/volumes/01b-local

VMFS-5      30.0T  20.1T      9.9T  67% /vmfs/volumes/DR.PROD01-SAS-Raid-50_SAN_FC

Is there any way how i can use all available space ???

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I'm not familiar with the storage system you are using, but what's usually done with block storage is to create a LUN with a certain size on the storage system, and present it to the ESXi host. The ESXi host will only see the presented LUN size, i.e. not whether there's more space available on the storage system, or whether it uses compression/deduplication.

If you want to use the "saved" size, you need to present it to the ESXi host by either creating another LUN, or by increasing the existing LUN's size. To be able to do this you'd usually create a thin provisioned LUN with the desired size (which may exceed the available physical disk space at the time of creating it) on the storage system.


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