Very slow performance on EVA4400

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Hello guys,

I need some help regarding a issue:

So I have a setup consisting of a few HP ProLiant DL380 G5 servers ( 2 x Quad-Core Xeon X5470 + 24GB RAM) with dual-port HP FC2242SR  4Gb/s HBAs (running vSphere 4.1) connected to a HP EVA4400 made up of 24 15K 300GB FC disks.

The servers each have 2 NICs connected to a Cisco 2960G switch and connected to a dvSwitch inside vSphere.

The disks are grouped in a single DiskGroup on the EVA, and I have a 1040GB Vdisk (LUN) created with RAID 5 level.

Alright, now I have a VM with Windows Server 2008 R2 acting as a file server. It's virtual hardware consists of 4GB ram and 4 cpu cores and the LUN I mentioned above is mounted as a VMFS datastore to the host and devided up as a 40GB vmdk for the operating system (with LSI SAS controller) and another vmdk of ~1TB on a separate Paravirtual controller ...intended for actual storage of files. Both disks are setup as Thin Provisioning

And also it has a single VMXNET3 nic.

The problem is...that the file server performs very bad, it's about 10-12 MB/s for writes and 20-30 MB/s for reads.

I tested this by transfering  ~2, ~3, and ~4 GB .iso files to and from the server.

I tried it from my workstation, other VMs & phisical servers...the performance is the same.

I also vMotioned the file server to other hosts....still same thing.

I figured maybe it's something wrong with the VM since I have another windows 2008 R2 VM residing on a smaller (150GB) LUN I did the same test by copying .iso to that..and the performance was the same. And I also did this to a linux VM ....same thing.

Any ideea what the problem is here....because that just seems extremely poor's like a lot slower even than a normal PC

Basicaly there's almost no traffic on the fiber-channel network most of the it's not congestion or anything.

The EVA and FC-switches are running the latest firmware.

Please help.


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Did you ever find a proper solution to your problem.  I have had simular experiences with a brand new Eva4400.  I have done all the tricks with paths and round robin but still feel that I'm not getting the performance I expected.



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You can't use a feeling. Do some real testing and compare the results to some published numbers.

-- David -- VMware Communities Moderator
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