Veeam b&r Direct san

Dear all,

I need to set up a direct san connection from the veeam server vm to our HP EVA 4400.

However in windows 2008 r2 on the veeam vm the iscs initiator cannot connect to the ip address of the EVA 4400, connection failed..

Command view eva does not give the option to set access for the iscsi nitiator as far as I can see,..

note:  we have a physical server for proxy also

Can anyone help me out here, docs about this configuration are pretty hard to find..

thanks for all the feedback,


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

The description regarding Direct SAN Access mode configuration can be found at Veeam Community Forum:


As far as I know, you can also ask any generic questions here.

Additionally, you might want to open a ticket with Veeam support team, since sometimes it’s rather hard to investigate technical issues through forum correspondence.



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