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VSAN 8U1 general vSAN error when creating VSAN


when configuring VSAN, I get general vSAN error and nothing is configured.

I did the same in the same environment a day ago and everything worked. Then I unconfigured VSAN from cluster (to try different setup) and now I cannot configure VSAN again.

I rebooted all hosts, Vcenter and erased partitions on all disks, but it didn't help



When I create new cluster and move 1 host from original cluster to the new one, than I have no problem to repeatedly turn on and off VSAN cluster. Is there anything I can clean up at cluster level?

Any ideas?

Thank you


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Did you check vSAN logs for any errors(or past errors)?

Have you double check that the Disks have no vSAN partition? Did you clean them before trying to create vSAN again?

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