VMFS on iSCSI not avaiable, still reported as busy.

Hi all,

last week I experienced an APD on a LUN for a VMFS datastores that contains the configuration files of all my VMs.

We run the license free version of 5.1.0 ESXi.

The VMs that had their configuration files on that storage kept running without any problem. I thought I would just unmount the storage and mount it again but I got an error of resource is busy.

It was quite weird to me thought I thought that it was related the vmx configuration files.

As soon as I shut down the machines they became unaccessible on the left panel of the vShpere and as soon as I shut down the last one the storage became suddenly available (I think there was a pending mount option on it)

I wonder if there would have been another way to recover such APD without the need of stopping the VMs.



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

In ESXi 5.5 release PDL auto remove feature is added to improve unplanned device loss.

check this kb article



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