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Unable to change iSCSI Name


I'm sure this is something trivial, but I've been searching the Community and Google for the past day and have yet to find the answer. I am attempting to configure iSCSI in our vSphere development environment using software iSCSI initiators. We have had iSCSI running perfectly in our ESX 3.5U4 production environment for quite some time and I have attempted to configure the vSphere hosts the same way. However, I am unable to change the iSCSI name of the iSCSI initiator to a more "friendly" name. Here is the error I am receiving when I attempt to change the name:

Error during the configuration of the host: Failed to set iSCSI name (iscsi:servername.domain.biz) on HBA vmhba33: iScsiLibException: status(c0000000):

Invalid parameter; Message=IMA_VS_SetNodeName

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

The iscsi initiator and UI do validation checks on the initiator name. Many targets reject sessions from initiators with invalid names.

The names must be in the format



YYYY-MM should be the year and the month the naming authority was established

net.authority shoud be the identity of the naming authority in reverse URL format

nodename is a unique name assigned by that naming authority

If you look at a default node name: iqn.1998-01.com.vmware:localhost-7096afcb

"1998-01" January 1998 is when VMware registered their domain name

"com.vmware" is the reverse URL

"localhost-7096afcb" is the ESX-generated unique name for the host.

You can make the name more friendly, but it has to retain the format:


would work.

Alternatively, you can use the format


where the 16-digit hex number following eui. is an IEEE assigned header followed by a company-supplied unique identifier.

Formats like iscsi:servername.domain.biz aren't allowed because many targets reject them.



Ok. That helps. I was just wondering since I could do it in every version until vSphere. No big deal. I just left the default and updated my Equallogic volume access with that iSCSI initiator name. Thanks!

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