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Storage vMotion Cluster Datastore disk usage during migration


I'm a little confused on how multiple storage vmotions affect the datastore disk space.  Let's say we storage vMotion 4VMs async to a Datastore Cluster with DRS - is it intelligent enough to manage the migrations so that it will distribute each VM properly according to storage space available?  By this I mean, let's say the first 3 VMs are migrating and the 4th tries to start, will it see if there might be insufficient disk space based on the other 3 VMs already migrating?  Or do I risk missing disk space as all 4 VMs migrate?  I would hope there is some intelligence to this and that each VM would consume the space required when it starts migrating so all the next migrations know the potential disk space left before they start but I can't seem to find a straight answer for this.





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