Shared VMFS between ESX Hosts ... without VCenter


I have 4 ESXi servers (ESXi 4.1) without a VCenter, and some SAN (FC) LUNs shared between then, can someone answer me if this configuration is supported ? or point some documentation about this ? I remember that i have read about this on ESX 3.5, but i can´t find any documentation about this again.

Thanks for all the help.

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Hot Shot

ESX host can run without vCenter.  Without vCenter there are certain feature in vSphere that you cannot configure nor to use.

There is the VMware Datacenter Administration Guide.

Check out Scott Lowe's "Mastering VMware vSphere 4".


Welcome to the Community - The simplest description of vCenter is a proxy allowing the management of multiple ESX/ESXi hosts form a single point - so with that in mind there is no problems of multiple ESX hosts charing VMFS datastores because it is the ESX host using the metdata portion of the VMFS datastore to control the access to the files on the VMFS datastore  not vCenter - so there will be no issues and it is fully supported -

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