SAN based storage - logs

Hi All,

I came across strange problem, during troubleshooting of our storage, I have find out that command

esxcli storage core adapter stats get

returns list of HBAs with high number of failed commands, e.g.


   Successful Commands: 1004536

   Blocks Read: 38808441

   Blocks Written: 22869068

   Read Operations: 227096

   Write Operations: 614908

   Reserve Operations: 7

   Reservation Conflicts: 0

   Failed Commands: 13465

Does any of you know how can I extract information about failed commands?

There is nothing in the vmkernel.log.

To clarify:

- ESXi 5.5

- QLogic Corp 2600 Series 16Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA

- HBA are connected to VPlex storage.

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