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Issue with VAAI ISCSI on esxi 7.0 u3 with qnap ts-1677xurp

i have just migrated to Vsphere and vcenter 7 from vsphere 6.5 and 6.7 host... 

one of my vm failed and after a restart it was absolutely impossible to manage anymore.. the vmware storage team said it was because my lun delete was unsupported.... (despite the fact it is a thin lun) 

when i checked i noticed that on my old 6.5 host the same iscsi lun is seen as supported pointing a bug either in 7.0.3 since VAAI ISCI is supported by default... 

the vmware 7.0.u3 host sees the lun as unsupported for deleted 


but the vmware 6.5 u3 host is ok with the lun   



 if i check the compatibility matrix the nas is supported for VAAI ISCSI with esxi 7u3


VMware Compatibility Guide - Storage/SAN Search

the vmware storage team said it was my storage but this is proof it is not since one host is ok with VAAI in previous release 

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