Is there anything in the NFS4.1 protocol that makes up for the lack of SIOC support?

I'm setting up a new datastore server, it's networking its done via an LACP link. On the vSphere side static LAG links are used instead to avoid having to use VDSes.

I've been stuck in the datastore addition dialogs for a while now because I can't remember what else 4.1 offers that's worth noting besides multipathing (which is a moot point with LACP) and native locking. The way I see it, instead I have a new potential for catastrophe when hypervisors or datastore servers fail to reach a KDC if Kerberos was used.

It'd the "Domain Controllers in Hyper-V" all over again. Tat's just hypothetical though. I don't need any of that but I still like to have the best performance from the smallest all-in-one (but not "hyperconverged"/clustered) system to the big ones. Everyone does, I think. Can NFS4.1's multipathing ability serve as built-in load-balancing? Or why was it that VMware skipped on SIOC there? 😮

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