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IBM v7000 storage solution FS/iSCSI

We are looking for our company for a storage solution. On our search we vind the IBM storage solution v7000. It is a combination of FC and iSCSI. The main connection is powered by FC and with less throughput you can use iSCSI. We want to build a vSphere cluster with two locations connected with a 20Gbs fiber (only ethernet, no FC between the site A and B) We want to connect the storage with FC to the ESXi servers on each site and we want to connect the to sites with iSCSI using the 20Gbs ethernet connection. My question: Can I use vMotion with a virtual machine that's connected in site A with FC from ESXi server to the storage to a ESXi server in site B with is using iSCSI to the same storage?

Buy a extra solution for FC between site A and B is too expensive and no option.

Anyone experience ?

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