ESXi 5.0 servers don't recognize same NFS share as same datastore

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I have a vSphere 5.0 setup running in VMware Workstation 8.  I have two ESXi servers that are mounting the same NFS share (with same IP address and same directory path), but for some reason they don't recognize it as the same datastore.  I have deleted and added the datastore again, and verified that I am mounting it the same way on both nodes.  However, vSphere won't let me use the same name when I mount the NFS share as a datastore on the second node; vSphere changes the name from "NFSdatastore" to "NFSdatastore(1)", and won't let me change it back, saying the name already exists.

The NFS file server is an OpenFiler 2.99 VM, with IP address (and is in DNS as "openfiler1").  The path is "/mnt/vsphere/vcs/datastore".

The NFS mount works fine as a datastore on both ESXi servers, except for the fact that vSphere sees it as two different datastores.  I have one Red Hat VM running on each one, and when I browse the datastore from each ESXi server, I can certainly see both VM configs, as well as some ISO images I have put on the NFS share.  However, I cannot vMotion as it complains about not being able to access the config file and virtual disk file (vmdk) from the other node.

On the OpenFiler, the directory /mnt/vsphere/vcs/datastore is owned by "ofguest" in group "ofguest", and the permissions are "drwxrwsrwx+".  All of the files under the directory are also owned by "ofguest" in group "ofguest".  The vmx files have permissions "rwxr-xr-x+", and the vmdk files have permissions "rw-------+"

I have done lots of Google searching, read best practices, etc.  Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: Figured it out - trailing / on one of the NFS mount paths.  Doh!

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