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ESX4 RoundRobin Path Selection

I noticed something this week, and I wanted to get the communities feedback. We are using the round robin plugin on a new VMAX, where we have zones to 4 FAs (4 paths). Recently we added 2 new paths to the same LUNs, leaving 6 total paths. The hosts in the cluster pick the paths up automatically, and mark them as active, but only the original 4 are marked Active I/O. Looking at ESXTOP shows that the new paths are not being used.

Now, I wrote a PowerShell script to set all LUNs to Most Recently Used and swap them back to Round Robin, and it then shows all 6 paths.

I know you don't typically zone new paths often. I'm assuming PowerPath/VE would pick up paths automatically, but is there any way to get this with the build in PSP?

This is on ESXi 4 Update 2. I haven't had a chance to try this on 4.1 yet.



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