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After some reading I understand that VMware 4 will have some new storage features. Here is what I am wondering.

What I have is a situation where I produce virtual images for QA and developers and I assign these images a particular amount of disk space. (Say a windows 2003 session with a 40 GB disk).

Problem is that they NEVER use all the disk space they ask for! So it goes wasted, locked inside a VM session.

Are there plans to have disks grow dynamically as the user needs space so they are ONLY using what they need?

Thanks for any guidance.

If there's a doc or whitepaper I need to be reading let me know.



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Yes this feature is included and named Thin-Provisioning. Read the Docs and Webinvars on the Homepage.

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As already suggested, this feature is called Thin Provisioning for VM(s), take a look at the release notes and documentation and here are some additional links that will be helpful on some guidance and best practices (not sure if VMware has best practice doc for thin provisioning)


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VMware ESX/ESXi scripts and resources at:

VMware Code Central - Scripts/Sample code for Developers and Administrators

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You could have two diffent level of thin disks: at ESX level, or at storage level.

At ESX level you can create them using VIC in VS4 (or only using command line in ESX 3.5).

At storage level some recent storage could implement this feature (sometimes using different names).


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