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Hi gurus

I want to delete a datastore but I am facing the "datastore in use" error, I have checked that no one VM has an iso pointing to this datastore, all VM has been migrated to another Datastore, but there is still a folder that has  some files recently modified

Vphere.HA and some naa  I have a protectedfile on vsphere.HA and some spotfile on the naa. folder.

1) do I have to unmount the datastore first before I an even think of deleting the Datastore all together

2) How do I find out what is still using the datastore so I can get rid off it and delete this datastore .

Thanks a bunch

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Some thoughts:

  • check the HA configuration, and ensure that the datastore is not used for HA datastore heartbeats
  • check VMs with snapshots. If one of the VM's snapshots point to a datastore (i.e. at the time when the snapshot was created), the datastore cannot be removed until the snapshot is deleted.


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