Confusion with VASA Certification with Dell Storage Center

I am doing VASA and VVOL certification for Dell Compellent storage center.

I am facing some issues with the setup and want to have clarity to run our certification test.

Type of Certification:

  1. Single Protocol(Block)

Setup Details :

  1. We have deployed 2 VCSA(embedded PSC) and mapped 1-1 ESXi host in each with them.
  2. We have deployed one instance of Dell Storage Manager where one Storage Center(Compellent Array) is attached.

Both the ESXi hosts are using FC protocol for Storage array connection.

Software Versions used :

  1. VC : 6.7
  2. ESXi : 6.7
  3. Dell Storage Manager : 18.1.10 (latest one)
  4. Storage Center OS : 7.3.10 (latest one)
  5. VASA Provider 2.0

  1. As per VASA v2.0/3.0 certification guide we have to have 2 VCs with 1 ESXi attached to each VC.

then we have to register VASA Provider with both the VCs. As per our understnading VASA provider can only be registered with one VC. if VASA registration is done on multiple VCs from same Dell Storage manager then there will be issues in creating protocol endpoints and VVOL datastore is not accessible for any of the ESXi host.

Query here is ,Should we be registering same VASA provider with both the VCs or we have to deploy 2 different Dell Storage Managers. and if there is a way to register the same VASA to 2 VCs.

2. If we have 2 different Dell Storage Managers for 2 VCs then while running the Certification test there is a field where we have to mention Dell Storage Manager IP but that is only for one instance and not for two.

How should I setup and meet all the cerfication pre-requisites.

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We are doing vvol certification and searching diskutil [diskTool/diskcreate] for ESX

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