1 gig iSCSI SAN not cutting it

Our company is having major performance issues with our ERP/CRM software from Infor.  It all runs on a Server 2008 R2 VM instance running SQL server.  We have multiple datastores setup on the SAN to separate OS, data, & logs.  I have a feeling our speed issues are completely stemmed from the low end SAN infrastructure.  I have some IOMeter data if anyone is interested...

I am thinking of setting up a solid-state RAID10 array on one of the physical ESX hosts and moving our SQL VM instance to it.

  1. How should I set up the storage? All one datastore with multiple virtual drives? Pass through?
  2. How would I cut and move the VM and all it's virtual drives to the faster storage?

thanks for any ideas & tips!


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A good storage analysis without knowing the complete environment is actually not possible.

Maybe you can tell us a little bit more about the storage array, RAID configuration, disk type, etc.

But in general I can’t recommend local (even if it’s fast) storage, simply because this will prevent HA from restarting your business critical virtual machine.

Did you verify that that the iSCSI connection (Ethernet connection) is really exhausted and it’s not just an undersized storage which can’t handle the workload?



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