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Issues installing VMware Tools from Anaconda on RHEL 6


Don't know if it's the right place to ask this but i'm facing issues while installing VMware tools on RHEL6 machine under Vsphere hypervisor.

I'm building this VM through the packer tool, which needs the tools to be running for getting guest's IP.

The fact is that, when I want to install the tools with launching the Perl script in the kickstart post-install section, the config perl script abord, saying that it couldn't find kernel module dependency.

I saw that it tries to find it in the wrong place (the path is missing some digits on the kernel version part, that is, I think, get from the perl GetKern() function ).

After the reboot, if I try installing the tools manually, it works well ... but I would like the installation to work during the anaconda installation...


If anyone as an idea ... thanks in advance.

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