VMware VIJAVA sdk with Android application


I am using Vmware SDK (vijava2120100824.jar) to manage the VM operations.  When I call those web services from a java application it is working fine.

I created an Android application.  I am trying to call those web services.  I am getting the below error at run time.  Here is the code snippet.

1. I have included the above jar file in the build path as an external jar

2. If I call the same from a stand alone java application it works perfectly fine.

3. I have also added the jdk/jre/lib/rt.jar as external jar

4. If this is not the right forum, pl put me with the right support team/forum. Appreciate your help.

this.si= new ServiceInstance (new URL("https://cxxx/sdk"),"xxxx","xxx", true);

09-15 17:43:40.210: E/dalvikvm(1090): Could not find class 'com.vmware.vim25.mo.ServiceInstance', referenced from method com.example.managevmops.MyVM.<init>


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