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vSphere Replication tab does not show up under Manage tab for vCenter Server

I am running vSphere 6.0. Installed vSphere Replication Manager appliance. When I select my vCenter Server in the vSphere Web Client, the vSphere Replication tab that is supposed show up under the Manage tab is not there.

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VMware Employee


Below are the steps of the deployment flow:

1. During the deployment vSphere Replication appliance binds to the Extension vService.

2. The vSphere Replication appliance must be powered on through vCenter (not directly from ESXi), so that the OVF environment of the appliance is initialized with the binding to the Extension vService.

3. On first boot of the appliance, it registers the VR UI plugin to the vSphere Web Client.

4. Next steps is to configure VR with LookupService and SSO through the VR appliance VAMI UI.

Is there "vSphere Replication" item present at the Home menu?

If no - either A. VRMS did not register as vCenter Extension or B. the VR UI plugin failed to start.

If vSphere Replication item is present at the Home menu, but vSphere Replication is not present under the Manage tab, please make sure that step 4 has been executed.

To check for A - open https://vcenter_address/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager and look for com.vmware.vcHms at extensionList. If not present - please consult /var/log/boot.msg at the appliance for possible errors.

To check for B - see vsphere_client_virgo.log at the Web Client machine - there might be conflict with some other plugin.

The VMware support team can guide you through troubleshooting this issue, if you file a SR.




‌did you make sure that your VC is connect to VRA? What is the status for th connection? when you configured the appliance did you get en error?

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