vSphere Replication automation

Is there any way how to automate vShpere replication? via powercli or any other way? (3rd party)

Or is it possible to have replication enabled for entire datastore, VMs group folder or any other subset contining VMs?

The intension here is to either deploy or move virtual machine into that subset that is already being replicated to have the replication enabled on that particular machine automaticaly without human interaction.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


There is vCO plugin for vSphere Replication, but it has limited functionality.

Currently there is no public API or CLI for vSphere Replication.

Current VR releases do not support the use cases you described, still these are common requirements and might be included in a future release.

Policy-driven protection (not VR based) configuration is on the roadmap for an upcoming VSAN release, in case you are using VSAN datastore.