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vSphere Replication across 2 sites with L2 P2P Link and 1 vCenter

Hi All,

i have usually deployed Replication with SRM and some standalone vSphere Replication setups but all have had a vCenter at both sites. However i have a scenario whereby there is only to be 1 vCenter in Production and no vCenter in DR. So in both sites there will be ESXi Hosts and different shared storage at each site.

My Query is regarding the disadvantages of having just 1 vCenter, so what are the main drawbacks of this?

Also cant see any best practice to detail that 1 VC at each site is recommended? And details on why..?

My understanding is that by only having 1 VC this will slow down the fail over process in a scenario where the VC has failed as you would then need to restore the VC then failover machines etc?

With this topology, there will to my understanding be:

  1. 1 x vCenter in Production
  2. 1 x vSphere Replication Appliance (Management Server) in Production
  3. 1 x vSphere Replication Server in Production
  4. 1 x vSphere Replication Server in DR

So a total of 4 x VMware Appliances.

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