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vSphere Replication 8.6 with multiple NIC issue

Hi There,

3 NICs on vSphere Replication 8.6, when try to setup eth0, eth1, eth2 with static IP, prefix and gateway (all in different subnet).  It indicates under gateway, the configuration supports only one default gateway on the appliance. This will replace the existing default gateway and set the one you specify here as the global default gateway. 

Try to save, it asks me to resolve the issue first. Can't proceed neither with those gateway blank.

Google and found out that the pass version 8.3, the interface is quite different and there is no option to list out default gateway for each NIC. 

Any idea to get around this? 



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First, as it says, only one gateway is supported. Can I ask why do you need more than one?

If you want multiple gateways, you must configure a static route on an Additional VM Network Adapter.

The manual says it clearly: "The IP configuration via the VRMS Appliance Management Interface supports only one default gateway on the vSphere Replication appliance. To configure a static route on an additional NIC, see Configure a Static Route on an Additional VM Network Adapter."

Check SRM Manual guide.


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I have the same problem, do you resolve issue? how to resolve?


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