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we have 2 sites running 6.7 and at each site we have an instance of vCenter replication Appliance 8.2 with 2 vCenter replication servers attached.

These were recently upgraded (redeployed) from a really old version by a college who has since left. I checked them today and one of the sites isnt working at all.

So looking at the documentation and in the VAMMI of the replication appliance i can see the LookUp Service Address box is pointing at the FQDN of our external PSC.

Looking at the documentation it should be


So can anyone advise what that port should be (assuming a default install)

Some sites Configuring VMware vSphere Replication 8.2 step by step  say 7444

But reading around it seems this port changed some while back and should actually be 443 ??

vCenter certificate replacement and Lookup service - Vembu unknown

Need to know: "vCenter lookup service address"

On the Appliance not working it  does not appear to be registered at all as no plug-in is present.

Any thoughts all ..


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Paul,

On these newer versions, you just have to provide the PSC FQDN or IP address. Enter the SSO admin user, password and click on 'Save and Restart'

If the save and restart task fails, please share the error message

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