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Unable to pair VR after upgrade from 6.5 to 8.2

Good evening,

We've just updated our VR from 6.5 to 8.2 (on the road to fully upgrade the environment to 7) and we faced an issue.

After the upgrade, the First Site VR appliance notified us that "Sites would need to be re-paired manually" (that message did not appear when upgrading the Second Site VR).

When we logged into the Site Recovery screen first time after the upgrade we received a "failed to connect to hbr management server" header message.

Next, when trying to redo the pair we received issue below (SSL handshake failed).

Screenshot from 2021-12-10 00-10-51.png

We've already rebooted everything, re-created the VR certificates (self-signed) for the First Site appliance, checked connectivity and both vCenter host name resolution.

vCenter is running version 6.5.

Any one with any ideas on why this could be happening.

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