Unable to add target site : [PairSetupImpl { _server = HmsServerImpl


I cant' create a replication between 2 sites

here my configuration :

site 1

site 2

site 3

3 appliances with this version :, 8539866

I have 3 vCenters in the 3 sites.

Site 1 has to replicate to Site 2

Site 2 has to replicate to Site 3

Site 3 has to replicate to site 2.

On site 1, I have added the site 2 as a replication server, I have started a replication, it was OK even if I have suspended it.

On site 3, it was a pain to add site 2 (I had a lot of errors message), so, I have done this method : on site 2, I have added site 3 and I have done a replication of a test server.

No problem to replicate from site 2 to Site 3.

Now, I would like to replicate a server from site 3 to site 2.

And I can't !

I choose a virtual machine, when I have to choose a target site, I have an error I don't undertand

[PairSetupImpl { _server = HmsServerImpl { _guid = 6452f88d-e48c-49d2-afe4-d8374df90b7c _url = https://IP_ADDRESS:8043 } _pairServerGuid = 6452f88d-e48c-49d2-afe4-d8374df90b7c _pairLsppUrl = https://FQDN:443/lookupservice/sdk _pairLsppsThumbprint = B9:59:9C:A7:C3:A8:33:2B:10:02:32:DC:9D:F2:AC:65:60:94:6A:E1:DF:FE:04:1C:D5:FD:A5:32:7C:E1:08:C3 }]

The 2 appliances are up, they are connected.

What's the problem ?

Thanks for your help

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The same thing happened to me in my environment, the solution was to generate and install a new certificate on both servers and configure the pair.

best regards


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It was solved by the vmware support.

It was a certificate problem, so we have deleted the certificates on 2 servers and regenerates new certificates, it was OK.

The both appliances was rebooted too.

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I have exactly the same problem.

after reinstall VR and SRM on secondary site issue remains.

finally i only need unregister VRMS on primary site, y re-register again.

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