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Storage Migration vSphere Replication Appliance

I tried to svmotion the replication appliance from one datastore to other. During the svmotion message “"This entity is managed by solution VR Management. It is not recommended to modify it directly. Instead use the management console for the solution if you want to make changes. Do you want to proceed" appeared. I just as discussed over here https://communities.vmware.com/thread/499101 by passed the warning and storage migrated. The status of the task was shown successfully complete. But, though in the VM configuration tab the disk path was shown in the destination datatstore, I could see that source datastore had VM listed in the associated VM list tab and also in the VM datastore tab I could witness both source and destination datastore. Is it anything related to the metadata that is holding at the source datastore. But, when I try to browse the source datastore I couldn't find any file with the name of that VM/Appliance. Any idea what's causing this and what could be the resolution?


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