SRM replication VM disk expansion

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I have a requirement to extend the disk , since the VM related to SQL server the incremental replication is occurring frequently .

Can we pause the on-going replication on SRM and then remove the replication , then go for disk expansion.

is there any issues happen if we do like so.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


If you are using vSphere replication to replicate, please refer following article for instructions --> VMware Knowledge Base

Note: Step.1: Instead of renaming VM file names of target copy, you can rename the VM folder name and then stop replication

If vSphere replication is version 8.3 with source ESXi hosts running on 7.0 and target ESXi hosts on a minimum 6.5, you can increase the disk space of a replicated VM online without stopping replications.

Increasing the Size of Replicated Virtual Disks

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