Replicator Server name in Replicator->Monitor is different from Replicator-->Manage-->Replicator Server

hello guys, I have a little problem with Vmware Replicator. It is a newly launched infrastructure and I have implemented the Replicator between two sites with two VirtualCenter. Everything works perfectly on two test VM. The only small detail that is wrong and that a few days ago I changed the name and address of the Replicator Appliance on one of the two sites. Everything works but by Web Client -> Replicator--> Monitor I see that the VR server has the old name (VRA) but from Manage -> Replication Server is displayed the new name (VRBVC01 (Embedded)). I restarted the VRA and the Virtual Center, but the problem remains. What can 'cause this little annoying detail.

Thanks and best regards.

Screenshot - 06_07_2016 , 12_19_49.png

Screenshot - 06_07_2016 , 11_46_56.png

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