Replication - 2 hosts?

I have a single vcenter and have several stand alone hosts at remote sites. These sites have 2 hosts with non-shared storage. Can I use VMware replication to mirror the VMs from one host local storage to another at the remote site? Below is a diagram of what I would like to do.



     (No cluster - Standalone hosts below datacenter)

          ESXHost1-Site1 - Replicate VM to ESXHost2-Site1

          ESXHost2-Site1 - Replicate VM to ESXHost1-Site1

          ESXHost1-Site2 - Replicate VM to ESXHost2-Site2v

          ESXHost2-Site2 - Replicate VM to ESXHost1-Site2

          ESXHost1-Site3 - Replicate VM to ESXHost2-Site3

          ESXHost2-Site3 - Replicated VM to ESXHost1-Site3

Thanks in advance for the help.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Yes, you could leverage vSphere Replication in such a topology. You could have a single vCenter Server, several ESX hosts added in the VC inventory and a single vSphere Replication appliance registered to that vCenter Server. Then you can replicate VMs from one host to another. If you are using vSphere Replication 5.5, you could also install additional vSphere Replication Server for balancing the replica traffic load and faster access to the target datastores that hold the replica files.