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Remove server from replication

ESXi, 5.5.0, 2456374

vSphere Web Client version 5.5.0 Build 2414847

Windows server 2008r2

2 issues:

SERVERA was being replicated from Site1-Site2.  SERVERA was decommissioned, replication not removed.  Now shows: "Not Active (RPO Violation)"

SERVERB was being replicated in same manner.  Not sure how/why it happened, but now have 2 replications for same SERVERB.  One shows status OK and everything honkey and dorey.  Second status also as above, shows "Not Active (RPO Violation)".

How can I remove the "Not Active (RPO Violation)" servers from Incoming Replications?

Thanks Much!


(see attached word doc)

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


What is the VR version?

With 5.6 and later there is "force stop" option which does single-sided clean up.

With previous releases, you can contact the VMware support team for assistance on invoking destroy method from https://vrms_address:8043/mob/?moid=GID-....&vmodl=1

If you don't know the GID-... value, it can be looked up from VRMS DB (GroupEntity table) or log files. Please file a SR for assistance.

This procedure is already documented in internal KB articles and VMware support help will assist:

  • Internal KB article 2056086, section "Cannot replicate virtual machine as there is another virtual machine with the same instance UUID"
  • Internal KB article 2060751.



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