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Moving replicated disks within vReplication 6.0

Hi folks,

I am busy migrating vReplicated disks from an old storage array to a new one by re-configuring the replication for the VMs and selecting new datastores.

The migrations are running properly but I have had two instances where the disk move completed and then threw the following error in the protected site vCenter: Cannot reconfigure replication group 'VMname' (Managed object ID: 'GID-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'). The error stack is "Session not authenticated"

The first time this happened I logged out of the web client after kicking off the migration and the second instance occurred after the web client session timed out as the disk migration to over 120 minutes.

The VMs above appeared with an error in the vReplication plugin, reconfiguring the VM shows the new datastores hosting the VM disks and completing the configuration goes through without error.

My question is does the web client session need to remain active for the task to complete succesfully?


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