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Can't register / configure vsphere replication appliance

I'm having an issue trying to configure the Vsphere replication appliance,  the error at configuring the appliance is:

Operation Failed A general system error occurred: Failed to register VRMS.
Operation ID: 42b03fb2-a0e0-4918-823b-ce975e7e1107


Reviewing the logs from the appliance I've found:

ERROR com.vmware.hms.config.cli.App [main] (..jvsl.util.LoggingErrorStream) [] | vSphere Replication Appliance configuration error:Unable to create solution user.
2023-11-28 08:52:49.376 ERROR com.vmware.hms.config.cli.App [main] (..jvsl.util.LoggingErrorStream) [] | Details: Service account com.vmware.vr-sa-1203151b-0745-488d-bc04-53791c4b5a43 not fo

It seems it cant create the solution user,  there use to be an old rep appliance, and SRM,  but Ive remove all reference from, SSO solution users, from mob,  with lsdoctor etc,  still same error:  any ideas?

I've even use the Jxplorer, but no effect, still same error at  the last step 

Vcenter 8.02

Hosts, 8.0

vsphere replication 8.8


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