Can't log into the vsphere replication appliance VAMI

I'm running SRM 8.2 and I am preparing to access the vSphere Replication Management Interface to configure the appliance and register the vSphere Replication service with vCenter Server and vSphere Single Sign-On.

When I try to log into the vSphere Replication VAMI and it won't connect.

I get error messages - This site can't be reached.

The console window can be opened - I can login as root and I did an ifconfig -a and the vm shows its IP address is configured correctly. Netmask is good as well.

I've rebooted the vm no change.

I can not find any info online as to how to troubleshoot the vami service from the command line.

Anyone know what to do?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


1. Please check if you can telnet to VR IP on port 5480. Try a different browser/system to connect to VR VAMI

2. Login to VR VM and check the status of VAMI service on VR appliance:

systemctl status vami-lighttp.service

systemctl status vami-sfcb.service

If not running, you can start them by running 'systemctl start' command for both of these services. Stop and and start services is also worth a try if the services are already running

3. Run these commands to enable the service and reboot the VR appliance:

systemctl enable vami-lighttp.service

systemctl enable vami-sfcb.service

Hope that helps

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