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vSphere APIs Sessions you cannot miss at Dev Day (Technology Exchange for Developers @VMworld 2010)


I thought I would put together some really great sessions you should not miss for Dev Day 2010 in SF. Hope to see you there. Hurry time is running out and space is limited. Event starts Monday August 30th - Sept 1

For more information, registration and videos.

Please note Sessions will be posted shortly in our website and the schedule builder.

Exploring VMware APIs

ID: PPC-01

Level: Beginner

Developers have a broad set of options to integrate with VMware platforms to monitor and manage virtualization. This session will provide the overall direction of VMware APIs, describe opportunities for tighter integration with vSphere 4.1 and vCenter 4.1. This is a must-attend session for new product managers or developers to VMware platforms. For those familiar with VMware platforms, the session will provide a refresher course as well as a summary of enhancements to the APIs in the 4.1 release.

Speaker: Preetham Gopalaswamy

Best Practices in Using the vSphere Web Services SDK

ID: PPC-02

Level: Advanced

vSphere web services SDK provides the interfaces to programmatically manage VMware environments. This session explains the numerous possibilities for developing virtual infrastructure management solutions using the SDK. It also covers the most common pitfalls developers should avoid, and suggests alternatives to overcome certain limitations. The SDK application designers and developers will benefit greatly from the discussion of various usage scenarios. This session prefers familiarity with the SDK.

Speaker: Steve Jin

All about vSphere Events, Alarms and Tasks

ID: PPC-03

Level: Advanced

Come to this session and learn how to get the most from the vSphere platform! In this session, you will learn how to create custom events, custom alarms, and inject tasks into the vCenter Server so that they are visible in the vSphere client. Familiarity with vSphere SDK assumed.

Speaker: Balaji Parimi

vSphere APIs for Performance Monitoring

ID: PPC-04

Level: Advanced

Building on the initial knowledge of vSphere APIs, learn about the features available to developers via vSphere Web Services APIs to collect performance statistics. We will also discuss the best practices in collecting performance data when using these APIs. This presentation is a must-attend for any developer that retrieves performance information from the vSphere platform in any large environment. While the content is advanced, developers new to the platform will find it useful as well.

Speaker: Balaji Parimi, Ravi Soundararajan

Demystifying Property Collector (THIS IS A FIRST TIME EVER SESSION AND REFLECTS NEW CHANGES for vSphere APIs 4.1)

ID: PPC-05

Level: Advanced

With the release of vSphere 4.1, it is important for developers to understand how some of the objects have changed in the new APIs. This session will explain the usage of PropertyCollector with various use case scenarios. These use cases cover retrieving and monitoring properties of managed objects. This session assumes that the audience is familiar with using the SDK.

Speaker: Balaji Parimi

War Stories from the Trenches - Common Pitfalls in Cloud Infrastructure Development

ID: PPC-06

Level: Advanced

As vSphere takes its place as the fundamental component to public and private clouds across the globe, developers are solving some interesting, serious, and awesome problems with the vSphere Web Services APIs. As they do that, VMware's Developer Support organization comes across many real-world use cases and problems the developers are running into. Join us to learn about some of the actual use cases we have encountered (developer identity hidden of-course), and how you might be able to leverage these concepts in your own development efforts.

Speaker: Marty Messer

vGhetto - Communities Building Great Solutions

ID: PPC-07

Level: Advanced

The vSphere APIs offer a very rich interface allowing developers and administrators to create any number of scripts and tools to aid in the management of their VMware environment. We will present to you how the vGhetto Scripts and Client were created using vSphere API in a platform agnostic manner. The vGhetto Client is a multi platform user interface for running tasks that previously could only be run from a command line. We will also show you how to implement the vGhetto Scripts on various platforms that includes Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX including a few live demonstrations. While we have chosen the vSphere SDK for Perl, all other SDKs (PowerCLI, VI Java, etc.) can also work in creation of an invaluable set of tools targeted at a developer or administrator.

Speaker:William Lam, Edward Haletky

Device Driver Infrastructure in ESX - Overview and Tools for Successful Driver Creation (THIS IS A NEW SESSION FIRST TIME EVER MADE PUBLIC)

ID: PPC-08

Level: Advanced

vSphere has an emulated Linux device driver environment to support a wide variety of network and storage adapters. This talk is intended to provide a detailed overview of the vSphere device driver infrastructure to developers who are interested in porting their Linux device drivers to the vSphere platform. The talk also touches upon the best practices for porting device drivers, device management, a development tool (VMware Workbench), testing and certification.

Speaker: Mang Kwan Ma

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