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rescpu.actav and rescpu.runav variables

Hi there,

I'm currently using the VMware API to monitor several virtual and host servers. I found some variables, in resCPU group.

They are described as "\[This table] contains performance counters that measure CPU performance related to average active time, peak active time and average runtime over 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes."

But I don't understand what are those variables.

I mean, I already have a CPU Usage for host & virtual machines.

What is the difference between "Active" and "Running" CPU (on my host, Active is a bit higher than Running) ?

Is there a link between "Active / Running" CPU and "CPU usage" ? (each variables exists for each servers).

Thanks for you help Smiley Happy

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Run Time of Cpu - The amount of time, cpu is actually executing instructions.

Active Time of Cpu - Total Up Time of the cpu. e.g. Running of a program would need some data to be feeded, some execution time or even executing an idle loop consumes CPU resources on the host. It all accounts for active time of the cpu.

CPU Usage is the consumption of the cpu resources. You can see a KB Article on a related topic that might of interest, at the following link:




That helps, thank you Smiley Happy I now understand what's exactly those variables means.

Anyway, I don't understand some values it's returning.

I'm currently monitoring a dual-CPU 2.4 Mhz, mono-core, with HT enable. I have two virtual machine, the first with 1 vCPU, the second with two.

On the host :

Mean Utilization 3186 Mhz (out of 4800 MHz) ==> 67 % CPU Usage. Fair enough.

But I now have an Active CPU at 165% and a Running CPU at 131%.

How can we explain those values ?

EDIT : refresh active and running percent values. They stay at that level.

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