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HI all

I am trying to pop up the remote consoles of multiple machines into firefox tabs.

To do this I have learned how to create the URL from past threads. I've successfully done this.


I launched firefox as follows:

Program Files
Mozilla Firefoxs
firefox.exe" -new-tab "$createdURL"'

from my script

this kicks off firefox with this URL in a tab and brings me to the VMware Virtual Infrastructure Web Access Credentials page.

I can have the user log into the first remote console then the rest of the remote consoles will load without asking for log on creditentials

I would like to add multiple tabs to a firefox instance of vm remote consoles. I don't want the user to have to log into the first one.

I was wondering if there is a way I can pass the log on credentials to firefox so that the user does not have to enter log on credentials?

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Another possible approach could be to use, VI Web Access, which ets you generate remote console url using "generate remote console url" link, once connected to VC or ESX and browsing to desired vm. As it provides direct access to a specific virtual machine, you could utilize this url to restrict the user interface to remote console, using the "limit view to remote console option".

This might help in generating different remote console url's for different vm's for use in the tabs. Though this still won't keep client from authentication of the server. Another thread maybe of interest to you:

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